ABC Dance Studio by JoAnn

It is our personal goal to educate your child in a professional enjoyable environment. Dance classes are beneficial, providing a potential for an interest that may last a lifetime.

By focusing on personal skills, along with social skills, there will be an enhancement of self esteem, character, and coordination!
Offering classes in a professional, caring, fun, enthusiastic atomosphere!

Each of us wants his child to be healthy, active and successful. This will help you dance lessons for children – an excellent combination of physical activity and art, which will ensure the harmonious development of your child. At the dance school, children learn to understand their body, reveal their own creative potential. In addition, it is an excellent compensation for hypodynamia, discharge after intense hours spent for lessons. Of great importance is the atmosphere in which classes take place. The dance studio ABC Dance Studio by JoAnn creates the most comfortable conditions for children of all ages.

Dancing is a step towards a healthy lifestyle for the child, and the task of the parents is to help him to take this step. Our school of dance for children offers different directions for different age categories, which means that you can easily find suitable for your child.

Want your child to be active and sociable, develop physically and creatively, had a useful and interesting hobby? Give it to the modern dance studio for children ABC Dance Studio by JoAnn West Mifflin next to Pittsburgh